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Gregorian Chant in

Schola Cantorum Bogotensis

CANTICUM NOVUM was formed in 1984, in Bogota City, Colombia, by Psychologist and Professor Dr. Ramiro Alvarez Cuadros. For many years the choir was conducted by Master Luis Torres Zuleta.

Professionals of the most diverse disciplines make up the choir, united by a passion for Gregorian Chant and the desire to study it seriously and to make it known.

The chorus name was taken from the first words of Psalm 97 that begins: CANTATE DOMINO CANTICUM NOVUM. The subtitle "Schola Cantorum Bogotensis" refers to Bogota City, where it was founded and currently functions.

The chorus interprets this Gregorian chant, named for Pope Saint Gregory the Great, using the notation of the 11th century that consists of neumes or groups of notes arranged on staves of four lines. It recognizes the rhythmic technique of the Abbey of Saint Peter of Solesmes, the institution to which Pope Saint Pius X entrusted the restoration of chant for the liturgy (1903).

"At first view, Gregorian Chant might seem monotonous. Without doubt it disconcerts our modern ears accustomed perhaps to other more spectacular but less profound types of music. In reality the Gregorian repertoire is a complex field that taps many centuries of music history. It is a dichotomous world that mysteriously unites delirious enthusiasm with the most delicate private nuances. A paradoxical world in which the music pervades the silence." (Abbey of Solesmes - Internet Site).

"Gregorian art is fully able to provide magnificent serenity, concentrated passion and ineffable sweetness. It is music devoted to serving ideals that are of faith; that is to say, the most intense form and source of spiritual energy" (Bernard Champigneulle).

With this in mind, Canticum Novum has presented instructional concerts at universities and has participated in choral music festivals. It is within the Liturgy of the Church, however, (in Masses, in Requiems, at an Ordination, for a wedding anniversary, etc.), that the Spirit inspires the singers to give their best. Without doubt, Gregorian Chant was written for use in the Liturgy of the Church.

Canticum Novum Members

Luis Eduardo Alvarez Ramírez
Humberto Celis
Ramiro Alvarez Cuadros
Alberto Luzardo
Carlos Eduardo Martínez Villamizar
Guillermo Eugenio Ortega Llano
Carlos Hernando Prieto Suarez
Francisco Rocha Pereira ( + qepd)
Pedro Ignacio Rodriguez Velandia
Alfonso Segura Barrera

Fagua Alvarez Flórez

Carlos Eduardo Martínez Villamizar

Luis Torres Zuleta

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