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Ambrosian hymn for Christmas

Veni Redemptor gentium,
ostende partum virginis:
Miretur omne saeculum,
talis decet partus Deum.
Come, thou Redeemer of the earth,
come, testify thy Virgin-birth:
All lands admire, all times applaud:
such is the birth that fits a God.
RORATE CAELI Sheet music
(Introit for the Mass on Sunday IVth of Advent)

Rorate Caeli desuper, et nubes pluant justum. Aperiatur terra, et germinet Salvatorem.

Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei, et opera manuum ejus annuntiat firmamentum.

Gloria Patri...

Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the Just: let the earth be opened and bud forth a Savior.

(Ps. 18. 2). The heavens show forth the glory of God: and the firmament declareth the work of His hands.

Glory to the Father . . .

(Hymn of Lauds - Christmas day)

1. A solis ortus cardine ad usque terrae limitem Christum canamus principem natum Maria Virgine.

2. Beatus auctor sáeculi servile corpus induit ut carne carnem líberans ne pérderet quos cóndidit.

3. Castae Parentis  viscera  caelestis intrar Gratia : Venter  Puellae bájulat Secreta quae  non noverat.

4. Domus pudici péctoris templum repente fit Dei : Intacta nesciens virum concepit alvo Filium .

5. Enixa est puerpera quem Gabriel praedixerat, quem matris alvo gestiens clausus Ioannes senserat.

6. Feno iacere pertulit, praesepe non abhorruit, parvoque lacte pastus est per quem nec ales esurit.

7. Gaudet chorus caelestium et Angeli canunt Deum, palamque fit pastoribus Pastor, Creator omnium.

8. Jesu tibi sit gloria, Qui natus est de Virgine, cum Patre et almo Spíritu in Sempiterna  saécula. Amen.

A solis ortus cardine

1.  From the exit of the sun until the confines of the earth let us sing to Christ, the prince  born of Virgin Mary.
2. The blissful  Author  of the time was embodied in slave's condition so that, by means of the flesh,  He rescue the men for they that He created didn't get lost.

3. The heavenly Grace enters to the womb of the chaste Mother:  the Maiden's womb takes the secret that she ignores.

4. Suddenly the room of a modest heart becomes temple of God: The Virgin  who didn't have relation  with a Male conceived the Son in her womb.

5. That Son, that royal Son she bore,
whom Gabriel's voice had told afore:
whom, in his Mother yet concealed,
the Infant Baptist had revealed.

6. The manger and the straw he bore,
the cradle did he not abhor:
a little milk his infant fare
who feedeth even each fowl of air.

7. The heavenly chorus filled the sky,
the Angels sang to God on high,
what time to shepherds watching lone
they made creation's Shepherd known.

8. Glory  to you,  Jesus, you who was born of the Virgin, with the Father and the Holy Spirit for every century. Amen.


Adeste fideles, laeti triunfantes, venite, venite in Bethlehem.

Natum videte Regem angelorum, venite adoremus, venite adoremus, Dominum

En grege relicto humiles ad cunas vocati pastores aproperant. Et nos ovanti gradu festinemus. Venite adoremus....

Aeterni Parentis splendorem aeternum velatum sub carne videbimus, Deum infantem pannis involutum, Venite adoremus....

Pro nobis egenum et foeno cubantem piis foveamus amplexibus; sic nos amantem  quis nos redamaret? Venite adoremus.....

Come faithful, joyful, triumphant; come, come to Bethelhem: Look,  the King of the angels has already been born.

Come and let us adore him, come and let us adore him!

See how, leaving their flocks, some humble shepherds come closer. We also praise joyful his arrival, come and let us adore him!

At the eternal Father's eternal splendor hidden under the veil of the flesh  we will see a God child wrapped with diapers. Come and let us adore him!

For us he has become poor and he rests on straws; do let us give affectionate hugs. To which loved us this way who won't do love him? Come and let us adore him!

(Antiphon to Magnificat – Vespers of the Christmas day)

Hodie Christus natus est. Hodie salvator apparuit. Hodie in terra canunt angeli, laetantur archangeli. Hodie exsultant justi, dicentes: Gloria in excelsis Deo, Alleluia.

Christ has been born today; the Saviour has appeared today; the angels sing today in the earth; today the fair ones are happy saying: Glory be to God in the heights, Hallelujah.

Theme used by Benjamin Britten in Ceremony of Carols (Procession-Interlude)


(Antiphon of Lauds – Christmas day)

Facta est cum angelo multitudo coelestis exercitus laudantium et dicentium: Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis, Alleluia

Together with the Angel, a multitude of the celestial armies was met; they praised and said: Glory be to God in the heights and on earth peace to men of good will, Hallelujah.


Laetabundus Exultet fidelis chorus, Alleluia. Angelus consilii Natus est de Virgine, Sol de Stella.

Sicut sidus radium, Profert virgo filium, pari forma.

Cedrus  alta Libani conformatur   hyssopo  valle nostra.

Isaias  cecinit, Sinagoga meminit, Nunquam tamen desinit esse caeca.

Infelix propera, crede vel vetera  cur damnaberis, Gens  misera ?

Rejoice the happy faithful choir, Hallelujah. The Angel of the Assembly was born of a Virgin, the Sun was born of the Star.

As  the stars shine,  likewise the Virgin carry her Child.

The high Cedar of Lebanon  takes the form of a hyssop  in our valley.

Isaiah announced Him, the synagogue remembers Him, nevertheless she never left to be blind.

O unhappy!  hurrie and believe the things that were announced; why do you want to condemn yourselves, wretched People?

OMNIS MUNDUS JUCUNDETUR Omnis mundus jucundetur

Omnis mundus jucundetur nato salvatore, sonoris vocibus exultemus et laetemur hodie, hodie, hodie, gaudete, gaudete.

Casta mater  quem concepit Gabrielis ore. Sinceris mentibus, Christus natus ex Maria, Virgine, Virgine, Virgine, Gaudete, Gaudete,

Rejoice the whole world, because the Saviour has been born today, let us rejoice with sound voices and let us fill of joy; Rejoice, rejoice.

The chaste Mother has conceived by Gabriel's announcement. Christ was born of Mary, the Virgin. Rejoice, rejoice


Resonet in laudibus cum jucundis plausibus, Sion cum fidelibus, apparuit quem genuit Maria.

Gaudete, Gaudete, Christus natus hodie. Gaudete, gaudete ex Maria Virgine.

Pueri concurrite Nato regi psallite voce pia dicite.

Natus est   Emmanuel, quem predixit Gabriel, testis est Ezechiel.

Sancta, tibi,Trinitas, Os omnium gratias resonet altíssimas.

All Jerusalem and their faithful ones resonate in praises and with palms of joy: Who was engendered in Mary has appeared.

Rejoice, rejoice, Christ has been born today, rejoice, rejoice. He was born from the virgin Mary.

Children, run! Praise the King that just has been born, praise him with sweet voice.

Emmanuel has been born; He was predicted by Gabriel and Ezequiel was the witness.

Be the biggest action of thanks to you resonate in the mouth of all, Holy Trinity.

Resonet in Laudibus: theme used by J. Brahms in Songs for Messosoprano, Viola and Piano, Op. 91 (2nd Song). See the music sheet PDF (Courtesy by Dr. Ton van Eck, organist of St. Bavo's cathedral and basilica, Haarlem, The Netherlands).
(Introit of the third mass of Christmas day)

Puer natus est nobis, et filius datus est nobis, cujus imperium super humerum ejus et vocabitur nomen ejus, magni consilii Angelus.

Cantate Domino  canticum novum quia mirabilia fecit. Gloria...

A child is born to us, and a Son is given to us: Whose government is upon His shoulder: and His Name shall be called, the Angel of Great Counsel.

(Ps.97. 1). Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: because He hath done wonderful things.Glory be to the Father....



Puer natus in Bethleem, Alleluia: unde gaudet Jerusalem, Alleluia.

R./ In cordis jubilo Christum natum adoremus, cum novo cantico.

Assumpsit carnem filius, Alleluia, Dei Patris altissimus, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Per Gabrielem nuntium, Alleluia, Virgo concepit Filium, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Et angelus pastoribus, Alleluia. Revelat quod sit Dominus, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Reges de Saba veniunt, Alleluia. Aurum, thus, myrrham offerunt, Alleluia, Alleluia.

In hoc natali gaudio, Alleluia. Benedicamus Domino, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Laudetur sancta Trinitas, Alleluia. Deo dicamus gratias, Alleluia, Alleluia.

A child has been born in Bethehem, Hallelujah. For that reason it is full of joice  Jerusalem. Hallelujah.

R./Let we adore with an exultant heart, with a new song, to Christ that has been born.

The Son of God Father has taken the flesh. Hallelujah.

For the angel Gabriel announcement, the Virgin conceived the Son, Hallelujah.

The Angel reveals to the Shepherds that He is the Lord.

The kings of Saba come and offer to him gold, incense and myrrh, Hallelujah.

In this joy of Christmas, let us bless to the Lord, Hallelujah.

Praised be the Holy Trinity, Hallelujah. Let us Give thanks to God, Hallelujah.


Ecce Nomen Domini Emmanuel. Quod annuntiatum est per Gabriel

Hodie aparuit in Israel: per Mariam Virginem est natus Rex.

Eia! Virgo Deum genuit ut divina voluit clementia.

In Bethleem natus est, et in Jerusalem visus est, et in omnem terram honorificatus est Rex Israel.

Behold that their name is God with us like. He was announced by Gabriel.

He appeared today in Israel: the King was born of the Virgin Mary.

Look! A Virgin gave to light to God like she wanted it the Divine Kindness.

He was born in Bethehem, he was known in Jerusalem, and in the whole earth the King from Israel is honored.

(Antiphon of Vespers- Feast of the Sacred Family)

Fili, quid fecisti nobis sic? Ego et pater tuus dolentes quaerebamus te. 

Quid est quod me quaerebatis? Nesciebatis quia in his quae Patris mei sunt, oportet me esse?

Son, why hast Thou done so to us? Behold Thy father and I have sought Thee sorrowing.

How is it that you sought Me? did you not know that I must be about my Father's business?

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